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better than cup cakes


Good ol’ fashion home baking back at my brother’s place, captured on the iPad, edited in Instagram, and shared via WordPress for iPad.

With tools like these for online work it makes the whole process a pleasure and the creative process feels more like playing entertaining games.

So how do you create that same feeling at work when the creativity of the team is key to success?

When looking for ways to keep up the motivation move from the typical extrinsic reward approach – the cup cake – to an approach that addresses the individual, intrinsic needs of your team.

This means knowing your team on a deeper level, understanding what makes them tick, understanding what part of the big picture you are jointly working towards they feel best about.

We spend so much time at work we need to make sure we offer everyone the chance to do what they love doing for as much of the time as possible.

That way motivation takes care of itself, as the work itself becomes the motivation.

sustainable pace


A week on a boat around Brandenburg.

Life at 6km/h had it’s benefits as you watched life go by at a pace where the camera can catch it all.

It was a pace that took some adjusting to, but once you were there it allowed you to view things with a whole new perspective.

It felt like a pace that could be maintained indefinitely.

Creativity comes from a relaxed state of mind when thoughts are allowed to flow freely.

Think about the times and places when you have your best ideas.

It is not likely to be directly behind a desk.

It is also not likely to be towards the end of a ten hour day.

Finding a sustainable pace and then maintaining it is key to keeping creativity and motivation high.

The chances that your team creatively discovers solutions are higher if they are operating at a sustainable pace – a pace that can be continued indefinitely.