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sustainable pace


A week on a boat around Brandenburg.

Life at 6km/h had it’s benefits as you watched life go by at a pace where the camera can catch it all.

It was a pace that took some adjusting to, but once you were there it allowed you to view things with a whole new perspective.

It felt like a pace that could be maintained indefinitely.

Creativity comes from a relaxed state of mind when thoughts are allowed to flow freely.

Think about the times and places when you have your best ideas.

It is not likely to be directly behind a desk.

It is also not likely to be towards the end of a ten hour day.

Finding a sustainable pace and then maintaining it is key to keeping creativity and motivation high.

The chances that your team creatively discovers solutions are higher if they are operating at a sustainable pace – a pace that can be continued indefinitely.

deadlines kill creativity

quiet time @ café clockTaking time out for tea @ Café Clock “www.cafeclock.com” in Fes, Morocco and snapshooting with the iPhone.

Café Clock was built up by an Englishman who had fallen for the Moroccan way of life.

After a first attempt to buy a property failed he was shortly before leaving Morocco when the Café Clock property became available.

Now it is a major social meeting place in Fes with excellent locally inspired cuisine with an independent flair.

Plan in some rest time.

It may well not remain as downtime in your planning iteration as things won’t always go to plan.

In order er to increase the chance of the plan holding true then don’t plan so far in advance.

If he team has chance to actually enjoy that break, then that is most likely the time that the creativity and innovative ideas will flourish.

So either way it is a win-win – use 70% of your plan for what you know now, and be positively surprised if you actually get to use the other 30% to be creative.