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experiment early on


An early morning photo opportunity in Yokohama while the streets ere still empty.

I actually wanted to catch the rising sun to the east. However the same cloud front that kept Mount Fuji from view blocked the sunrise too.

Next best thing was to shoot the main downtown through road while still traffic less and so “waiting for the Beatles” (original title) was created.

Building in experiments into the team’s activities is key to investigating new areas and determining new solutions.

Given agile operates in the complex system zone, it requires novel approaches to uncover new ways of thinking.

Sometimes this is only possible by allowing time for experimentation and using the results in an empirical fashion to move forward towards an end result.

These experiments, or in IT terms, spikes are just as important as regular backlog items when developing complex solutions.

customer delight

tea is served

Teatime has a very special meaning in Morocco and anytime is teatime.

Here a returning tea maid walks through the alleys in Marrakech, Morocco after serving a tray of mint teas.

Specially prepared in metal teapots and served with extra sugar, the tea takes time to get used to, but soon becomes part of the travellers daily refreshments.

Even the tea pouring is a customer event in itself. The pot is moved up and down above the cup to help cool the tea before drinking.

The agile manifesto, just like the tea ceremony, puts the customer in the centre.

This goes alongside product focussed teams, collaboration with stakeholders and a readiness for change.

The customer requirements are communicated via the product backlog in a sorting determined by the product owner.

The product owner is the single individual responsible for the backlog and must ensure all stakeholder requirements are considered and maintained in a prioritised manner.

This backlog is then estimated on a user story level in order to manage the number of backlog items that can be developed in a single iteration.