just enough is good enough

Images that caught my attention were plenty on the trip to Japan.

Even the most simple things like these threads on a Yokohama market stall were picked up in the lens.

It was a delight to have the camera at hand at all times and built more than enough photo stock for my 365 day photo project.

More from the land of the rising sun onĀ Flickr

Planning is just as important in an agile environment, only the attention to detail is different.

A plan is made of differing horizons – task, sprint, release levels.

Across these horizons the level of detail decreases from task to release meaning the right level of attention is paid at the right time.

Long term plans simply provide false security, while agile planning aims for the right level of detail at the right time.

Quite likely the total planning activity over the lifetime of a project is greater for an agile project, but the focus is on plan-develop-plan-develop rather than a single planning and single development phase.

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